Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sitting at school and wondering..

Just sitting in my fashion class when it came upon me....

Why can't dolls have a fashion show? I mean... we make clothing for them, we style their hair, we do faceups to make them look pretty..  they ARE models, in that sense. But yet we sometimes use them as accessories, carry around them like a purse or stylish handbag.  Completing whatever garment you decide to wear. I don't believe in that. Even to carry around a little teacup dog that fits in your purse is weird in anyone's eyes asides in LA.. where that's the norm.
I believe a doll should be the MAIN focal point. if you want to carry them around in a kimono? Wear black. Make THEM stand out, they're your model for whatever you've done for them. I may not be good at faceups. but when you put your heart and soul to theirs to make THEM have a soul.. I would want to show that off. "Yeah, I did that. I'm a good artist. I also styled that wig that she's wearing and made that one-of-a-kind outfit for her" You'd get PRAISE, and hell, it makes your kids look cool too. :3

Monday, September 27, 2010

Saving for my dream girl. Heres where I start!

Hello community ^^  Shadowchan here with some awesome news!  Along with my collection of 2.5(a head) dolls I'm looking at getting my dream girl. You guessed it, ANOTHER SOOM!   <3

As of right now I have a Soom teeny gem Ai, I named her Aiko. She's my first monthly. first tiny.. all that wonderful new stuff.. 

I'm looking at the March doll from 2009, OH YEAH. The CUPRIT. I love this girl.. my ice queen..

This website will show how my progress is going, whats going on in my doll community in my city and dollmeet pictures!  Gotta love pictures <3  All these resin beauties <3