Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloweeeennn~ and F*cking November..

Oh god!  I cant wait, seriously. There is just an undenying urge to nom on candsy everywhere... as a model.. THat sucks.

BUT. Halloween also has some perks, home-made costumes.. Decorations and other candy bags. I mean, who needs pillowcases. xP I have some people coming to me asking me to make them cosplays or costumes for their parties that I'm not invited to, Well thats a HUGEEEEE Fuck that :l
Though it'll make me gert some nice revenue at Comic con (or c4) this year ;3I get to play with Cuprit, alll fucking weekend. Believe me I'm excited <3 
Dream doll, dream girl. in my fucking hands. FUCKYEAR

On the other hand, Novemvber, right after this whole shabang is fucking STUPID  Studies and pre-exam prep and a whole bunch of bulllshhiittgljkshbthdg  FUck. its morbid.
Plus a (would be) two year anniversary on the 21st. :l   Like hell that'll happen. FUck my life.

^^ I miss him. Thats the most that I can say about it. Though confessing my love over the internet is SO FUCKING RIGHT TO DO.  I cant begin to see where I get off liking people I cant have. I mean. Sure, I've maybe been a bit late at getting to him.. Nevermind a little bit. A, Fucking. LOT. late. :l  SO I missed out, no big deal right..?  Move on, find someone new.. (Byy the wayyy, whats my issue with liking people with querks or with power.) :c  Same place, now two different guys, ones kinda creeper, ones fucking amazing.. (the other guy I punted off my charts.. how can I go and do things for him when THERES A RELATIONSHIP IN THE WAY, lolprick) Just never get to talk to the amazing one all that much. I want to though.. it'd make my everything to get rid of a derp and some others in my way to get to him >:c  Ah well

In other news, Laptop broke. SHitty harddrive..  God damn macs. :c   SEE, HARDWARE, NOT SOFTWARE, FGTS. 



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Unity Fashion Show

With my being in a fashion class, I get the privelage to work with some extravigent people, from some small celeberities to charity shows.. well you get the point.
There is a charity show in my city tonight, and our class was asked and we are honoured. We get to dress basically full sized barbie dolls (that's how fucking small they are :l ) Its a charity show called the Unity Fashion show, heald at a haunted hotel. Awesome :3

Poor thing is I'm stuck with my fashion class for basically the day untill 10:00 PM :c  My whole morning is usually fashion, and we're leaving at lunch. Oh well, its worth it. :3 

I also startecd on my patterns for my cosplay, pictures to be uploaded later on~  I have a good feeling about this, it'll follow through pretty easily I think~

Monday, October 4, 2010


The dolly community and I have made some ideas up for the doll table this year at our local convention. Its pretty amazing, We're dressing our kids steampunk style.  My tiny, Aiko will be  some form of a dancer. My larger boy, Riku will be a mistro, or even something different, I havent decided ^^.

Some of us were thinking of doing a wedding theme. a cuprit, another doll and possibly a preist.. HEY!  I can make my boy the preist.. good thinking me :3

All in all its gonna be busy, as myself and another friend are going to be the main people watching the table. I mean with dolls ranging from the THOUSANDS going on the table, we need it to be safe :3  SO we've come up with a decent idea for cards. Once we recieve a doll we write their name, mold name, birth date, and owners name/pass number on a card that we give them. :3  Its gonna be safesafe ;3  and with all the new owners we'll have a lot of assurance NOBODY will go missing.

I honestly cant wait for Ai-kon.
I have my cosplay picked out. its pretty awesome. Hatsune Miku!  From Vocaloid.. but you see, it wont be the original bland Miku that everyone loves. :l  I want MY take on her. ... so here is my idea. :3



I may change the colors, instead of black, put blue, to match the wig. Inspiration AHOY~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sitting at school and wondering..

Just sitting in my fashion class when it came upon me....

Why can't dolls have a fashion show? I mean... we make clothing for them, we style their hair, we do faceups to make them look pretty..  they ARE models, in that sense. But yet we sometimes use them as accessories, carry around them like a purse or stylish handbag.  Completing whatever garment you decide to wear. I don't believe in that. Even to carry around a little teacup dog that fits in your purse is weird in anyone's eyes asides in LA.. where that's the norm.
I believe a doll should be the MAIN focal point. if you want to carry them around in a kimono? Wear black. Make THEM stand out, they're your model for whatever you've done for them. I may not be good at faceups. but when you put your heart and soul to theirs to make THEM have a soul.. I would want to show that off. "Yeah, I did that. I'm a good artist. I also styled that wig that she's wearing and made that one-of-a-kind outfit for her" You'd get PRAISE, and hell, it makes your kids look cool too. :3

Monday, September 27, 2010

Saving for my dream girl. Heres where I start!

Hello community ^^  Shadowchan here with some awesome news!  Along with my collection of 2.5(a head) dolls I'm looking at getting my dream girl. You guessed it, ANOTHER SOOM!   <3

As of right now I have a Soom teeny gem Ai, I named her Aiko. She's my first monthly. first tiny.. all that wonderful new stuff.. 

I'm looking at the March doll from 2009, OH YEAH. The CUPRIT. I love this girl.. my ice queen..

This website will show how my progress is going, whats going on in my doll community in my city and dollmeet pictures!  Gotta love pictures <3  All these resin beauties <3