Thursday, October 7, 2010

Unity Fashion Show

With my being in a fashion class, I get the privelage to work with some extravigent people, from some small celeberities to charity shows.. well you get the point.
There is a charity show in my city tonight, and our class was asked and we are honoured. We get to dress basically full sized barbie dolls (that's how fucking small they are :l ) Its a charity show called the Unity Fashion show, heald at a haunted hotel. Awesome :3

Poor thing is I'm stuck with my fashion class for basically the day untill 10:00 PM :c  My whole morning is usually fashion, and we're leaving at lunch. Oh well, its worth it. :3 

I also startecd on my patterns for my cosplay, pictures to be uploaded later on~  I have a good feeling about this, it'll follow through pretty easily I think~