Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloweeeennn~ and F*cking November..

Oh god!  I cant wait, seriously. There is just an undenying urge to nom on candsy everywhere... as a model.. THat sucks.

BUT. Halloween also has some perks, home-made costumes.. Decorations and other candy bags. I mean, who needs pillowcases. xP I have some people coming to me asking me to make them cosplays or costumes for their parties that I'm not invited to, Well thats a HUGEEEEE Fuck that :l
Though it'll make me gert some nice revenue at Comic con (or c4) this year ;3I get to play with Cuprit, alll fucking weekend. Believe me I'm excited <3 
Dream doll, dream girl. in my fucking hands. FUCKYEAR

On the other hand, Novemvber, right after this whole shabang is fucking STUPID  Studies and pre-exam prep and a whole bunch of bulllshhiittgljkshbthdg  FUck. its morbid.
Plus a (would be) two year anniversary on the 21st. :l   Like hell that'll happen. FUck my life.

^^ I miss him. Thats the most that I can say about it. Though confessing my love over the internet is SO FUCKING RIGHT TO DO.  I cant begin to see where I get off liking people I cant have. I mean. Sure, I've maybe been a bit late at getting to him.. Nevermind a little bit. A, Fucking. LOT. late. :l  SO I missed out, no big deal right..?  Move on, find someone new.. (Byy the wayyy, whats my issue with liking people with querks or with power.) :c  Same place, now two different guys, ones kinda creeper, ones fucking amazing.. (the other guy I punted off my charts.. how can I go and do things for him when THERES A RELATIONSHIP IN THE WAY, lolprick) Just never get to talk to the amazing one all that much. I want to though.. it'd make my everything to get rid of a derp and some others in my way to get to him >:c  Ah well

In other news, Laptop broke. SHitty harddrive..  God damn macs. :c   SEE, HARDWARE, NOT SOFTWARE, FGTS. 



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