Monday, October 4, 2010


The dolly community and I have made some ideas up for the doll table this year at our local convention. Its pretty amazing, We're dressing our kids steampunk style.  My tiny, Aiko will be  some form of a dancer. My larger boy, Riku will be a mistro, or even something different, I havent decided ^^.

Some of us were thinking of doing a wedding theme. a cuprit, another doll and possibly a preist.. HEY!  I can make my boy the preist.. good thinking me :3

All in all its gonna be busy, as myself and another friend are going to be the main people watching the table. I mean with dolls ranging from the THOUSANDS going on the table, we need it to be safe :3  SO we've come up with a decent idea for cards. Once we recieve a doll we write their name, mold name, birth date, and owners name/pass number on a card that we give them. :3  Its gonna be safesafe ;3  and with all the new owners we'll have a lot of assurance NOBODY will go missing.

I honestly cant wait for Ai-kon.
I have my cosplay picked out. its pretty awesome. Hatsune Miku!  From Vocaloid.. but you see, it wont be the original bland Miku that everyone loves. :l  I want MY take on her. ... so here is my idea. :3



I may change the colors, instead of black, put blue, to match the wig. Inspiration AHOY~


  1. I have to say the gradient is a bit too sharp for me. Maybe have it go from white to light blue to dark blue?